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Où Acheter Des Pilules De Marque Irbesartan En Ligne

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Francis wrote the pledge to promote the Bellamys’ idea of socialism in the most socialistic institution -government schools. The Bellamy cousins were totalitarian socialists, and the ideas that inspired them and the pledge helped to inspire mass atrocities worldwide. The Bellamys inspired a socialist movement worldwide and the bible of that movement was Edward Bellamy’s book «Looking Backward» a fantasy about a revolution of totalitarian socialism.

It was translated into every major language including the languages of those countries that experienced socialist revolutions and the socialist Wholecaust of which the Holocaust was a part under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party 21 million deadthe Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 62 million deadand the Peoples’ Republic of China 35 million dead.

Edward was close to his mother and she inspired him to become an insatiable reader, especially of the biographies of great men and tales of adventure. He was fascinated by science, history and military heroes, Où Acheter Des Pilules De Marque Irbesartan En Ligne. When he was 17, he applied for admission to West Point, but failed to pass the physical examination.

Bellamy also studied in Germany, where he lived for a year.

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He studied law and entered the bar inopening his own law office in Chicopee, Massachusetts. His first and only case caused him to evict a widow for non-payment of rent, and he left the legal profession.

This is an quote from the Mr. They saw government schools as a means to their socialist «Nationalism. The United States has become one giant Où Acheter Des pilule De Marque Irbesartan En Ligne monopoly excuse the redundancy. The demented document openly portrays men treated as military draftees, from the age of twenty-one until the age of forty-five, in the U.

Everyone is issued ration cards which are used to draw goods from government storehouses. Everyone is permitted only the same amount in value annually.

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The entire school system is only a government school system and it is an integral part of the development of the industrial army and of the entire socialist monopoly system. Of course, all of the preceding is portrayed as a dandy utopia just as it was portrayed by so many apologists for the military Où Acheter Des pilule De Marque Irbesartan En Ligne complex of the socialist trio of atrocities and other socialist hell-holes see http: Rummel’s article in the Encyclopedia of Genocide the top three most murderous regimes are: It was popular among the elite in pre-revolutionary Russia, and was even read by Lenin’s wife.

John Dewey and the historian Charles Beard intended to praise the book by stating that it was matched in influence only by Das Kapital. Did Bellamy foresee soviet-style rationing, or did he inspire it?

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By the spring ofan estimated 25, people died every day in the Ukraine. If Bellamy’s fictional character had awakened in the year he would learn that since Bellamy’s philosophy had set and was holding all the worst records for shortages, poverty, misery, starvation, atrocities and mass slaughter.

Edward Bellamy lived from —, and died in Chicopee, Massachusetts and was spared witnessing the horrors that his socialism caused to the rest of humanity. The original Pledge of Allegiance to the U. Francis Bellamy died inliving long enough to see a similar salute and a similar philosophy espoused by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Où Acheter Des Pilules De Marque Irbesartan En Ligne

As the only person on the internet who collects, exposes and writes about historical photos of the original socialist salute to the U.



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