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Best Online Warfarin Pharmacy Reviews

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The hardest part is trying to co-ordinate the diet for taking Coumadin with a diet for diabetes. By now I have some Purchase Tetracycline Online blood difficiencies I get blood clots whether I am on the coumadin or not, so I don’t get why I have to stay on this junk. To me, it does nothing, because it does not do what it is supposed to do.

The Coumadin, for someone ‘so young’ is a pain in the booty. In my case, my MI’s and my destroyed spleen, which I need because of my awful blood and heart stuff. Woe to the world? Nah, not so much. Coumadin is best Online Warfarin Pharmacy Reviews fun than another organ having chunks taken out of it or a stroke. And let me tell you. Blood clots in your spleen. Not a walk in the park! Felt like a sickle was attacking my side, for a month!

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Just gotta watch my Vitamin K intake. Who woulda thunk that theres so much vitamin K in all these things and it’s best Online Warfarin Pharmacy Reviews for coagulation and all that jazz. I keep it in check and watch what I ingest as much as I can and make it work. What other choice do I have.

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And did you know that the same stuff thats in Coumadin is in rat poision? Woah, De Ja Vu! Did I say that on here already? Well I’m saying it again! But it’s helping keeping me alive.

PT-INR should be between and mine is always in the range. I take mg 3 times a week and 10 the other 4 days. I have never had any side effects, but I do agree with one other review, take Coumadin and not Warfarin if you can afford it. Warfarin can very between manufacturer. My doctor will not let me take Warfarin.

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